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The Construction And Practice Of The "Curriculum Thinking" Education Teaching System Under The Goal Of "Big Thinking" In Universities——Taking Xijing College As An Example

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001618


Yanzhu Yang and Rong Wang

Corresponding Author

Yanzhu Yang


Since the 2017 National Conference on Ideological and Political Work of Colleges and Universities, the vast number of colleges and universities has conducted extensive exploration and practice on how to strengthen the "main channel for ideological and political courses" and research on "new subjects for ideological and political courses." Demonstration teaching, teaching competitions and other forms guide teachers to innovate teaching modes, improve teaching methods, and enhance the affinity and pertinence of ideological and political education; colleges and universities establish mechanisms and platforms for new topics to guide and encourage teachers to change their educational concepts and optimize teaching Design and promote the organic integration of ideological and political education and professional education. Solving the problems of "main channel" and "new subject" is the core task of realizing the same course of "Curriculum Ideology" and "Ideology Curriculum" and constructing the "big ideology" education ecosystem. To this end, based on the goal of constructing a "big ideological and political" education environment in colleges and universities, on the basis of fully understanding the connotation of "curriculum ideological and political", this paper briefly analyzes the problems existing in the construction of "curriculum ideological and political" education and teaching systems, As an example, Xijing College puts forward the implementation plan for colleges and universities to build a "curriculum ideology" education teaching system.


Curriculum Thinking; Education And Teaching System