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Research On Online Teaching Of Tourism Management Specialty Under Digital Background----Take The Rain Classroom As An Example

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001623


Xing Li

Corresponding Author

Xing Li


The 21st century is a digital age; “Internet + education” is the current universities are actively promoting the requirements of The Times of innovative education mode. Facing the new challenge of the digital age to education and building the new situation of “double first class”, we should think deeply about the problems of current college curriculum teaching and realize the impact of digital impact. The outbreak of COVID-19 makes the implementation of online teaching model extremely urgent. Experiential teaching can improve the level and effect of modern education and achieve the goal of all-round quality education. It is a beneficial supplement to the traditional classroom. This paper analyzes the current situation of tourism management majors’ experience in using the online teaching tool “rain classroom”, summarizes its advantages compared with the traditional teaching mode, summarizes the shortcomings of online teaching, and puts forward reasonable Suggestions on the reform of the teaching mode after the epidemic.


Digitization; Online Teaching; Resource Sharing