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Research on the Talents Selection of Football Players Based on Big Data

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001630


Xuecong He and Ruinan Guo

Corresponding Author

Ruinan Guo


Football is known as the "Most Popular Sport in the World", and the charm of football is unmatched by any other sports. With the rapid development of modern football, the degree of specialization of training is becoming higher and higher, and the selection of excellent reserve talents has been paid with more attention. In particular, the integration of sports and science and technology enables the competition, training and talents selection more scientific. The development of big data has provided us with evidence for the scientific and rational selection of reserve talents in football. This study analyzes the advantages and restrictions of talent selection of football players under the background of big data. The application methods of talents selection of football players is summarized with the aim to serve the talents selection of football players in China and promote the development of football in our country.


Big Data, School Football, Football Players, Modes of Talents Selection