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Treatment process of 1000m3/d aquatic product processing wastewater

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001657


Ying Chen, Xufeng Tao, Xiuli Chen, Tianyu Lin

Corresponding Author

Ying Chen


In this paper, according to the characteristics of high COD, high ammonia nitrogen and high total phosphorus of aquatic processing wastewater, "air flotation +A/A/O" is adopted to carry out process design and engineering practice for the wastewater of an aquatic processing enterprise. Coagulation air flotation pretreatment can reduce SS, COD and total phosphorus, and A/A/O combined process can effectively remove COD and ammonia nitrogen. After the completion of the project, the operation is stable and the treated effluent meets the three-level standard of the integrated wastewater discharge standard (GB8978-1996).


wastewater from aquatic products processing; engineering design; air flotation; A/A/O