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Analysis of the Countermeasures for the Education in Ideology and Politics of College Counselors from the Perspective of "Internet +"”

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001658


Jiangang Du

Corresponding Author

Jiangang Du


In the era of “Internet+”, the thinking of college students has been greatly affected. College counselors are also facing new challenges when conducting education in ideology and politics. In the era of "Internet +", colleges and universities have effectively combined Internet technology with education management, and a number of new education management methods under the background of the Internet have gradually emerged. These emerging educational methods are more based on the ideological characteristics of students to strengthen students' education in ideology and politics, by relying on the Internet platform. And the counselor is the main implementer of these educational methods. In this regard, the author first analyzes the ideological characteristics of modern college students, then analyzes the characteristics of the "Internet +" environment, and finally analyzes the countermeasures of the education in ideology and politics of college counselors from the perspective of "Internet +".


Internet +; College counselors; Education in ideology and politics; Work strategies; Ideological education for college students