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Research on Tactile Design Based on Penetration into Graphic Design

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001663


Fei Liu

Corresponding Author

Fei Liu


The development of science and technology has brought a huge impact on the field of graphic design, from the traditional design concept to the latest production technology, there are great changes. Integrating tactile design into graphic design is one of the current mainstream trends, which has played a good role in many design cases. However, the domestic research in this field is still insufficient. Therefore, this paper puts forward the research based on the penetration of tactile design in graphic design. In this paper, the application of tactile design in the existing graphic design is deeply studied. It is believed that the integration of tactile design in graphic design can better enhance the emotional color of works, especially in the aspects of interactivity and aesthetic taste. Users are not simply relying on visual viewing, but can experience through the real touch, which changes the traditional way of experience. In this paper, the selection of substrate and the special process of tactile design are studied. It is believed that the real application of tactile design in graphic design is inseparable from the substrate and production process. Therefore, improving the level of relevant technology can effectively promote the development of tactile design in graphic design. According to the actual situation of production and design, this paper formulates the criteria of tactile application in graphic design, which plays a certain role in controlling the quality of products.


Graphic Artist Designer, Tactile Design, Printing Technology, Tactile Elements