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Research on the Relationship between Chinese Teaching and Quality Education in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001681


Lei Gao

Corresponding Author

Lei Gao


The traditional examination-oriented education mode, which has existed for a long time in China, shows obvious disadvantages in the actual education process. With the continuous development of social education cognition in recent years, modern quality-oriented education has been applied to many stages of education in China and highly valued by educators. Quality-oriented education has become an inevitable demand for the development of education in the new era. Strengthening students' quality-oriented education when carrying out Chinese teaching in higher vocational colleges is not only helpful for students to acquire better Chinese creation ability and language application ability, but also can help students to obtain all-round development in the learning process. In this way, students can apply their majors into the society, which is of great significance for the overall improvement of China's higher vocational education.


Higher vocational colleges, Chinese teaching in higher vocational colleges, Vocational literacy education; Countermeasure analysis