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Research on Teaching Methods of Basic Dance Skills Training in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001683


Di Lu

Corresponding Author

Di Lu


Higher vocational colleges aim to cultivate professional talents by developing students' practical ability and improving their basic level during teaching activities. Basic dance skills training is one of the core tasks in the teaching of dance related majors. In order to strengthen students' basic ability, teachers should study teaching methods deeply, carry out teaching according to students' characteristics and needs, and teach students according to their aptitude. This paper analyzes the present situation of basic dance skills training and teaching in higher vocational colleges, expounds the content and importance of basic dance skills training, and puts forward corresponding teaching methods. Students of dance major must be equipped with basic dance skills to learn more content and master more movement skills. Basic dance skills include upper movement and lower movement. The former includes squat, circle, leg pressing, and jete. The latter includes spin, figure, and jete. In addition, musculature, stage performance, and standard movement also belong to basic dance skills. In the process of learning dance, students can further improve their ability level after they have mastered the basic skills. Therefore, teachers should strengthen the training and teaching of basic dance skills, so as to lay a good foundation for students and ensure their continuous development and progress.


Higher Vocational Colleges, Basic Dance Skills, Training