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Between China and West: Comparison of Liang Qichao and Cai Yuanpei's Educational Thoughts——Take "Xinmin Theory" and "Five Education Simultaneous Development" as examples

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001699


Zhiqian Zheng

Corresponding Author

Zhiqian Zheng


Liang Qichao and Cai Yuanpei, as the iconic figures of the modern national social revolution, the Xinmin Theory and the Five Education Simultaneously reflect their respective educational ideas. In their thinking, there is not only the persistence to the Confucian "benevolence" and "righteousness" thoughts, but also the respect for modern Western values such as democracy, equality, and freedom. The modern intellectual elite's expression of both Chinese and Western when preaching the progress of the country and society reflects the openness and integration of the intellectual elite's thinking during the transformation of modern society. It is the modern intellectual elites represented by Liang Qichao and Cai Yuanpei's educational ideology that integrates Chinese and Western education, which promotes the continuous reform of modern society.


Liang Qichao; Cai Yuanpei; Educational Thoughts; Similarities and Differences