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On the Inspiration of the Spirit of Xi Jinping to the Youth in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001704


Wenyu Lv, Weiqun Lu

Corresponding Author

Wenyu Lv


It has been nine years since general secretary Xi Jinping came to Guizhou University. The spirit of "responsibility, responsibility, ideals, beliefs and lofty aspirations", which is the core of the university, has inspired the young people of Guizhou University to strive for the development of the country. When reviewing general secretary xi's "important speech on May 9th", it still shines with indelible brilliance and has profound educational significance to the youth in colleges and universities. Combining with the actual situation, this paper tries to put forward three paths for the youth in colleges and universities to carry forward the spirit of the May 9th movement, starting from the background, meaning and significance of the "important speech of the May 9th movement".


Youth Spirit; the Spirit of May 9th; College Youth; Path Analysis