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On the "Soft Adjustment" Function of Positive and Healthy Inner-Party Political Culture on Resolving the "Four Dangers"

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001706


Xiwei Shang and Xiaohui Chen

Corresponding Author

Xiwei Shang


To purify Inner-Party Political Ecology in an all-round way and resolutely correct all kinds of unhealthy tendencies, we need both "Hard restraint" and "Soft adjustment". The active and healthy inner-party political culture pioneered by general secretary Xi Jinping is a "Soft adjustment" means by adjusting the political cognition and political psychology of Party members, to standardize the political behavior of Party members and cadres. Giving full play to its functions of discerning, preventing, controlling and guiding transformation is of great value for purifying the political ecology of the party and promoting the comprehensive and strict governance of the party to the in-depth development.


Four Dangers; Inner -Party Political Culture; Political Cognition; Political Ecology