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The Study on Problems and Countermeasures in Tourism Development of Farmhouse Enjoyment in Shaanxi

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001729


Xiaohua Shi

Corresponding Author

Xiaohua Shi


Farmhouse enjoyment is a newly-emerging tourism product which is developing rapidly in recent years. Farmhouse enjoyment tourism is beneficial for increasing farmers' incomes, and providing farmers with more employment by adjusting the industrial structure. Farmhouse enjoyment tourism has produced a huge social and economic impact. But it also has some shortages for the sustainable and stable development of farmhouse enjoyment. This article starts from the analysis of present situation of farmhouse enjoyment tourism in Shaanxi; points out the problems that appeared and proposes the corresponding measures, to help farmhouse enjoyment tourism to develop healthily and sustainably.


Shaanxi; Farmhouse Enjoyment Tourism; Development Model; Countermeasures Study