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Safety Monitoring System of Tunnel Construction Based on Webgis

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001748


Pingan Wang and Jiangyuan Pan

Corresponding Author

Pingan Wang


Abstract: In the process of tunnel construction, rock and soil are inevitably disturbed. The resulting soil deformation will affect the ground buildings and existing pipeline facilities. The deformation reaches a certain level, affecting the safety of ground buildings and the normal operation of underground pipelines. Therefore, the ground movement and deformation caused by tunnel engineering, especially the impact and control methods caused by urban engineering with dense ground engineering facilities and underground pipelines, has been a topic of concern for relevant researchers. In the construction process, in order to ensure the safety of the construction site in the process of tunnel construction, it is necessary to observe the safety of the buildings around the tunnel construction project. The traditional construction monitoring method has the problems of complex data redundancy and long data processing cycle. Based on the above, this paper introduces the concept of WebGIS into the management of tunnel construction monitoring information system, and realizes the visualization and network management of monitoring information. This paper first introduces the optimization function of model UV algorithm in tunnel construction, and the technology of its application in WebGIS platform, and then introduces the monitoring management and risk assessment technology of database in WebGIS platform. At the same time, the characteristics of the current mainstream commercial WebGIS platform are compared. Secondly, starting from the system design principles and design objectives, the paper deeply discusses the use requirements, risk assessment module design and design direction of the safety monitoring system.


Keywords: WebGIS, Construction Monitoring, Risk Assessment, Algorithm Model