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The Problems and Reform Path of English Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001749


Shanshan Yu

Corresponding Author

Shanshan Yu


Abstract: Students in higher Vocational Colleges (VC) have a weak foundation in English learning, and their interest in English learning is very low. In addition, there are not enough teachers in higher VC, and there are some problems in English Teaching (ET), such as over inclined reading comprehension and full class teaching. Therefore, ET in higher VC is in urgent need of reform. Based on this, this paper first analyzes the problems existing in ET in higher VC, and then introduces multimedia teaching into the classroom. In this paper, we set up an experimental group and a control group. The experimental group uses the multimedia teaching method, while the control group uses the teaching mode. After the end of the semester, the situation and willingness of the students were analyzed. The experimental results show that compared with the traditional ET, the multimedia teaching in this paper is more popular with students. In addition, 61.7% of the students think that multimedia ET can improve their autonomous learning ability and English ability.


Keywords: Higher Vocational College, English Teaching, Multimedia Teaching, Reform path