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Research on the Teaching Reform of Electronic Information Specialty Based On the Concept of CDIO Engineering Education

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001751


Wenjie Zhang and Jinfeng Li

Corresponding Author

Wenjie Zhang


Abstract: Based on the background of the transformation of local colleges and universities, the CDIO Engineering education concept is adopted in the reform and exploration of the practical teaching of electronic information engineering, and the CDIO Engineering application-oriented talent training mode is applied to the teaching of electronic information professional courses. We should build a practical teaching platform in line with engineering education, build a scientific and systematic practical teaching system, reform the practical teaching mode, and strengthen the training of teachers in engineering education. According to the concept of CDIO Engineering Education, the reform is carried out in all aspects, including teaching organization and implementation, evaluation system, etc. With the life cycle from product R & D to product operation as the carrier, let students apply the way of connection between practice and courses in the process of actively completing engineering projects. Cultivate high-quality new engineering talents with project development and design, innovation ability and team spirit. With the development of new industries and technologies, the main goal of new engineering construction is to cultivate high-quality composite talents with international competitiveness, strong practical ability and innovation ability. As a traditional engineering major, electronic information major not only integrates computer science and technology, communication engineering, computer network and other non professional knowledge, but also has a wide range of knowledge and interdisciplinary disciplines. At the same time, information industry is oriented to electronic, information, communication and other fields, involving multiple industrial groups, wide employment and rapid technological development. Under the background of new engineering, CDIO Engineering education mode is based on training ability, which provides an effective way for training high-quality and compound talents of new engineering.


Keywords: CDIO; Evaluation System; Practical Teaching Mode; Electronic Information