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The Reasons for the Loss of Employment Legal Consciousness of College Students from Ethnic Minorities and the Educational Guidance

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001752


Hui Wang and Shanmei Xiong

Corresponding Author

Hui Wang


Abstract: China has been a unified multi-ethnic country since ancient times, and the joint development of different nationalities is an influential factor. At present, the social and economic life of the ethnic minority people in China has achieved apparent improvements. However, under the background of socialism with Chinese characteristics entering a new era, ethnic work faces many new challenges. Due to their different life backgrounds and growth experiences, college minority students have different understandings of the law, and they lack legal awareness in the employment process. Based on this, this paper takes the reasons for the lack of employment legal awareness of minority college students and educational guidance as to the research theme, points out the current lack of legal awareness of minority college students in the employment process, analyzes the reasons behind, and puts forward targeted suggestions, hoping to provide some reference for relevant educational workers. In the long history of the struggle of the Chinese nation, all ethnic groups of China have jointly expanded the splendid rivers and mountains and vast territory of the motherland. As a relatively special group, the employment issues of ethnic minority college students should also attract the attention of relevant departments. The reflection of legal consciousness in the employment process can not only reflect the quality of college students, but also clarify the rights and obligations between the employer, the school, and the students. Therefore, while serving as a holy place for college students to acquire knowledge, colleges and universities must also give full play to their educational functions and strengthen the guidance and cultivation of college students' legal awareness.


Keywords: Ethnic Minorities; College Students; Employment; Legal Awareness