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Design and Implementation of Home Data Reporting of Medical Records in Hospital Quality Inspection System

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001753


Huizi Sun, Xiaoming Dong and Yu Liu

Corresponding Author

Xiaoming Dong


Abstract: The hospital quality inspection system (HQMS) is a direct reference for the medical service inspection information network operated by its medical management department. This improves the hospital's medical quality management level and the design of the family data reporting system for medical records. According to the software design process, this paper uses a unified modeling language to analyze the functions of the data reporting system, selects case diagrams of related modules, defines models related to user types and business needs, and builds a hospital quality inspection system. The experimental results here show that, in the hospital quality inspection system, the Web-based medical record family data reporting effect is more effective than the traditional data reporting index. Its reporting efficiency is improved by 19% and the reporting fault tolerance rate is increased by 15%.


Keywords: Hospital Quality Monitoring System; Family Data Reporting of Medical Records; System Design