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Theoretical Teaching Exploration Based on the Improvement of College Students' Learning Ability

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001755


Tianxingzi Gao and Chen Jiao

Corresponding Author

Tianxingzi Gao


Abstract: At present, in the research on the causes of students' weak learning ability in China, it is found that there are many reasons for students' weak learning ability, and the reasons are complex and diverse. Based on this, this paper explores the theoretical teaching based on the improvement of College Students' learning ability. In the research, this paper first uses the questionnaire survey method, through the questionnaire survey of teachers and students in our university, analyzes the reasons for the weak learning ability of college students. Secondly, on the basis of these reasons, this paper puts forward the corresponding promotion strategy. Finally, in order to verify the effectiveness of the promotion strategy, we use the method of control experiment to study two classes in our school. In the study, one class is the experimental class, and the other class is the control class, which adopts the learning ability promotion strategy proposed in this paper to carry out the corresponding learning activities. The results show that 75.3% of the students in the experimental class actively participate in the class discussion, while only 56.1% in the control class. In addition, the proportion of students in the experimental class who have clear learning objectives accounts for about 80.2% and that of the control class is only 61.3%. In addition, the proportion of active participants in the experimental class was much higher than that in the control class. It can be seen that the strategies proposed in this paper are feasible. The research results of this paper will provide a certain reference value for the theoretical teaching of improving the learning ability of college students.


Keywords: Learning Ability, Questionnaire Survey, Control Experiment, Promotion Strategy