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The Trial of Hybrid Teaching in Pathology Teaching of Nursing Specialty

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001759


Xiping Tang, Jie Long, Guangfei Deng and Mao Fang

Corresponding Author

Xiping Tang


Abstract: Hybrid teaching is a kind of "SPOC(small private online course)" and "offline" teaching which combines the advantages of online teaching and traditional teaching [1]. Through the organic combination of the two forms of teaching organization, students' learning can be led from shallow to deep [2]. “Flipping class”, put forward by the Wesley Baker J, change the traditional teaching method of "teachers teach in class, students do homework after class ", Students study before class, then display the study results in the class, the teacher comments, guides, corrects the students [3]. PBL(Problem based learning) refers to problem-oriented learning or project-oriented learning. It is originated from medical education in the 1950s [5]. Under the guidance of teachers," student-centered, problem-based ", through the form of group discussion, students independently collect data around the problem, find and solve problems. PBL cultivates students' autonomous learning ability and innovative ability of the teaching model. CBL teaching method is a group discussion teaching method based on clinical cases. Teachers design related problems, guide and enlighten students to discuss around designed problems [8]. First, select the typical cases. Let the students prepare the knowledge in advance; observe the gross appearance pictures and slices under the microscope on the digital cloud platform. Students should use multidisciplinary knowledge to draw up the main points, outline of the case analysis and make a PPT for the follow-up group discussion. PPT will be presented by 1-3 students. Then other students in the class can ask questions freely. At last, teachers correct, comment based on exposed problems one by one, then grade the students' work. Mixed face-to-face teaching, flipping class, PBL and CBL ( case-centered learning methods) are the hybrid teaching models we are trying.


Keywords: Hybrid Teaching, Spoc, Flipping Class, PBL, CBL