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Research on Teaching Methods of Industrial Design Major Based on MOOC Concept

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001762


Yujie Jiang

Corresponding Author

Yujie Jiang


Abstract: Currently, the concept of MOOC has penetrated into many fields and MOOC mode has been acknowledged as a convenient way to improve their personal ability and deepen their interest under the popularization of the Internet. MOOC breaks the constraints in teachers and classrooms and allow learners to "walk" freely within their network structure with the purpose to follow the needs to choose what to learn. This has also provided new integrated path for all disciplines and MOOC concept is positively accepted by people. Industrial design major is a discipline with both liberal arts and science properties. Its two-way requirements on artistry and technicality determine its strong practicality and high difficulty. Therefore, in order to explore more effective teaching methods, MOOC concept has been applied in the industrial design major in practice, but there are still some problems. This paper makes a brief analysis of MOOC courses and related issues when they are integrated with the teaching of industrial design major. Finally, it focuses on the teaching methods of industrial design major based on the MOOC concept. The emergence and development of information technology has brought earth-shaking changes to production and life. Currently, many things that people need to do can be solved through the Internet, such as online shopping, online chatting, online lectures and so on. MOOC is also a product of the Internet, a form of online courses produced in response to people's needs for self-improvement [1]. However, we should not think of it as a normal online course. It is the embodiment of many new teaching ideas and methods, which are more in line with people's individual needs, and the resources behind it are also quite powerful. This is also why industrial design, as a young discipline, is actively integrating the MOOC concept. The integration of MOOC concept will undoubtedly further expand the teaching of industrial design major, and many problems in the integration are raised [2].Therefore, we should continue to deepen the positive impact of MOOC concept on professional teaching and continue to explore more effective teaching methods while overcoming problems.


Keywords: MOOC Concept; Internet; Industrial Design Major; Teaching Methods