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Empirical Analysis on The Influence of Capital Structure of Electrical Manufacturing Industry on Enterprise Value

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001772


Jing Liu

Corresponding Author

Jing Liu


Abstract: Electrical manufacturing industry occupies a overriding position in the industrial chain. It is not only the rigid demand of people in daily life in the society, but also plays an important role in China's economic growth. This article selects the data of listed electrical manufacturing companies to build the index system with capital structure characteristics. In the empirical analysis, the factor analysis was conducted to extract the representative of the main factors, and the main factor and the representative value of the return on net assets for the enterprise to set up a multiple linear regression model, the improved profitability and solvency can positively promote enterprise value. On this basis, the paper puts forward some suggestions to improve the operating conditions, increase profitability and debt paying ability, and control the proportion of liabilities to increase the enterprise value.


Keywords: Capital Structure; Enterprise Value; Electrical Manufacturing Industry; Factor Analysis; Multiple Linear Regression