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Shortest Time Tunnel Rescue Based on Fuzzy Logic Algorithm

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001774


Yi Sun

Corresponding Author

Yi Sun


Abstract: Aiming at the problems of evacuation and rescue after a tunnel disaster, a network model of tunnel and roadway is established, and a heuristic function design idea for searching in three-dimensional space is given. According to this idea, the data structure design is carried out to improve the algorithm, and the comprehensive weight of the roadway is obtained by using fuzzy logic data fusion technology, and the comprehensive weight is combined with the improved fuzzy logic algorithm to complete the shortest time path for emergency rescue of tunnel disasters. To obtain, speed up the system calculation speed and improve rescue efficiency. During the operation of the tunnel, because some special circumstances will cause tunnel operation problems, these problems are collectively referred to as tunnel abnormal events. Through the establishment of an automatic detection and disposal system for tunnel abnormal events, automatic event detection, emergency rescue of personnel and timely disposal of accidents can be carried out when abnormal events occur. To this end, the article discusses the characteristics of urban underground tunnel accidents through the analysis of past tunnel accidents, and analyzes the improvement measures of tunnel rescue, hoping to provide some references for ensuring the harmonious development of the city. The main work of this paper is to aim at the current problems of the weighted fuzzy logic control algorithm, summarize the basic modes of tunnel rescue, and analyze the effect and time of tunnel rescue under different modes through simulation and experimental research.


Keywords: Fuzzy Logic Algorithm, Tunnel Rescue, Tunnel Abnormality, Shortest Time Rescue