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Practice of English Difference Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges under the Training mode of Applied Talents

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001783


Shanshan Yu

Corresponding Author

Shanshan Yu


Abstract: since the enrollment expansion of higher vocational colleges, the English level of students varies from good to bad, and the social needs for English talents are also very different. Therefore, different teaching methods are needed, but there are not many vocational colleges. As a basic course of English learning, although after years of exploration and reform, facing the students with significant differences, the level of learning ability of higher vocational students is uneven, and the continuation of the traditional teaching mode cannot adapt to the actual teaching. Based on the theory of difference theory, this paper analyzes the practical significance of the theory of difference for the reform of applied person mode English learning in higher vocational colleges. In view of the seriousness of the polarization phenomenon of English achievements of higher vocational college students, this paper puts forward the method of difference teaching in Higher Vocational College English teaching to improve the teaching quality, and discusses how to improve the teaching quality according to the students' different preparation level and enthusiasm with examples Interest, learning style and differentiated teaching content enable students to participate in learning activities that are suitable for their own learning needs, learning interests and learning methods. At the same time, it puts forward some suggestions on differentiated teaching. The research shows that teachers in higher vocational colleges should pay attention to the differences of students in teaching, meet the different needs of different students in learning objectives, learning content, learning speed, learning methods and other aspects, so that the two systems of teaching and learning are closely combined to cultivate diversified talents for the society.


Keywords: Higher Vocational Colleges; Difference Teaching; English Achievement; Teaching Mode