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Conception and Implementation of Graded English Teaching Mode in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001784


Jing Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jing Zhang


Abstract: the development of society puts forward higher requirements for English proficiency, especially for the students directly facing employment in higher vocational colleges. The English foundation of vocational college students is relatively weak, and the level is very different. There are many problems in natural class teaching. The use of graded teaching is conducive to the implementation of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. Based on this, this paper carries out the research on the conception and implementation of graded English teaching mode in higher vocational colleges. The teaching mode includes scientific grading, teaching students according to their aptitude, dynamic adjustment, reasonable diversion and supporting management of colleges and departments. This paper compares the efficiency of English teaching by taking English grading teaching mode as the experimental group and ordinary English teaching mode as the control group. The research shows that the general English teaching mode ignores the individual differences of students, so it is difficult to realize the cultivation of students' English application ability; English grading teaching is based on teaching students according to their aptitude, second language acquisition theory and zone of proximal development theory, which has been widely verified in practice, and is an effective way to improve students' English application ability.


Keywords: Higher Vocational Colleges, Graded Teaching, Vocational English, Teaching Mode