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Tax Planning of Crowdfunding Industry under Big Data

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001786


Jia Wu

Corresponding Author

Jia Wu


Abstract: With the application of big data and the development of information technology, the impact on tax planning and management is comprehensive and far-reaching. It not only affects the concept of tax planning and management of crowdfunding industry, but also changes the way of tax planning management and the object of tax planning management, and puts forward higher requirements for the tax planning system of crowdfunding industry. The purpose of this paper is to study the tax planning of crowdfunding industry under big data. Starting from the basic concept of tax planning informatization, this paper summarizes the related concepts of tax planning informatization management, analyzes the determination of the optimal capital structure and the tax planning of issuing stock crowdfunding. Taking the crowdfunding platform as an example, it analyzes the current situation and problems of Tax Planning Informatization of Renren investment, Combined with the tax planning problems of Renren investment crowdfunding platform, this paper puts forward some feasible suggestions on the construction of tax planning big data. The results show that the proportion of turnover tax paid by Renren investment company in the net cash inflow is 3:7, - 10:8, - 60:10, - 30:20, respectively. In 2019, the turnover tax paid by enterprises is all the expenditure of value-added tax. The implementation of reasonable VAT tax planning can help enterprises to alleviate the pressure of cash flow to a certain extent.


Keywords: Big Data Technology; Crowdfunding Industry; Tax Planning; VAT Tax