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Research on the Transformation of Chinese Accountants Based on Financial Shared Service Center

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001788


Jie Zhao

Corresponding Author

Jie Zhao


Abstract: With the development of IT and integration of enterprises in the context of economic globalization, Financial Shared Service Center (FSSC) has become a prevalent tendency between large-sized groups and multinational enterprises. Because of the difference caused by the change of organizational structure and management mode after construction of FSSC, Chinese accountants are required to transform themselves into high-level accountants compared with traditional accountants. This paper refers to relevant policy documents and learn accountants' views on financial transformation based on FSSC in actual work position, adopting the methods of combining the questionnaire survey with the literature consultation, both in theory and in practice. Then according to the investigated rusults that transformation of Chinese accountants is indispensable, this paper ultimately sums up three suggestions for Chinese accountants’ transformation based on FSSC.


Keywords: Financial Shared Service Center; Accountants; Transformation