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The Application and Practice of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Computer Aided Teaching

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001789


Meili Wu

Corresponding Author

Meili Wu


Abstract: With the popularization of computers and the continuous improvement of computer technology, human beings have benefited a lot from computers, and are still constantly improving computer technology and continue to develop functions that can make good contributions to human beings. Based on weighted reasoning model for artificial intelligence technology in computer aided teaching and experiment to test the students can be divided into two groups, respectively, in the traditional mode and the auxiliary teaching system using artificial intelligence new learning model to study the content of the teaching material, and then by comparing the student's result for the analysis of experimental results. Experimental data show that through the experimental test, the whole system runs normally, all the main functions can correctly process the data, well reflects that the system meets the teaching requirements, easy for teachers and students to use. The experimental results show that the average score of the students using the traditional learning mode is 74.77, while the average score of the students using the new learning mode with the auxiliary teaching system is 84.98, which is better than that of the traditional learning mode. Artificial intelligence teaching system can make up for the shortcomings of classroom teaching, which is worthy of further study in the future.


Keywords: Artificial Intelligence Technology, Computer-Aided Instruction, New Learning Model