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Informatization Teaching Ability and Influencing Factors of College English Teachers

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001790


Zhaoning Wang

Corresponding Author

Zhaoning Wang


Abstract: The application level of college English teachers' informatization teaching ability plays a key role in achieving the goal of training high-skilled English practical talents in colleges and universities. Under the background of global teaching informatization, how to realize the efficient development of English teachers' informatization teaching ability level is a hot issue that college English teachers themselves and even colleges and the whole society should pay attention to. The purpose of this article is to study the informatization teaching ability and influencing factors of college English teachers. This paper selects five colleges and universities in the province and selects college English teachers and students from them by sampling as the subjects of the survey. The subjects of English teachers include college English teachers, and the students are mainly sophomores and juniors. The method of multiple regression analysis studies the relationship between several influencing factors and various aspects of informatization teaching ability in order to provide a basis for the development of informatization teaching ability of college English teachers. The data sources of this study are mainly obtained through questionnaire surveys. The software tools used in the quantitative study are mainly SPS and AMOS software. Finally, based on the research results of this article, the research content is reflected and prospected, hoping to promote the in-depth development of college English teachers’ informatization teaching ability, provide guidance and reference for informatization teaching, and accelerate the modernization and informatization process of college English teachers’ teaching skills. The experimental results show that this paper regressed the four influencing factors step by step. It can be seen that the school factor enters the regression model first, with an explanatory amount of 0.252; the second is English teacher training, information technology capabilities, and policy systems. It shows that these five influencing factors have a significant impact on the cognitive ability of English teachers in information teaching.


Keywords: Information Teaching, College English Teachers, Teaching Ability, Influencing Factors