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Exploration of Computer Teaching Mode in Universities under the Background of Informatization

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001791


Genjin Chen

Corresponding Author

Genjin Chen


Abstract: In the context of the continuous development of social economy, interest assessment technology has gradually integrated into People's Daily life, in the university computing, information technology has gradually integrated into People's Daily life, in the university computer software is also the same. This paper adopts the multi-task-driven teaching model to carry out the research, divides the objects of the survey into the experimental class and the control class for comparison, and evaluates the students' knowledge skills and knowledge abilities. The experimental data show that the proficiency level of all knowledge points in the experimental class is higher than that in the control class, and the use of "task-driven" teaching method can effectively improve the students' mastery level of all knowledge points. Experimental results show that the experimental class and control class written test scores are: 76.873, 73.086, the work achievement were 78.238, 62.832, so through the experimental research, found that after using multiple task driven teaching mode, students' written test score difference was not significant, theoretical knowledge increase of experimental classes are not obvious, but the result is very significant difference.


Keywords: Information Background; College Computers; Teaching Mode