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Research on Fractal Fatigue Failure Mechanism and Application of Cement Concrete Pavement

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001792


Qiuying Chang and Lanlan Liu

Corresponding Author

Qiuying Chang


Abstract: Bending fatigue fracture is the basic basis for damage analysis of cement concrete pavement. However, the fatigue equation established on the basis of the indoor trabecular fatigue experiment has a large dispersion and cannot be equal to the actual pavement structure,and there are certain differences between them. Therefore, it can not be used to explain the influencing factors of pavement fatigue characteristics. Combining with fractal theory, the fractal fatigue equation of concrete is proposed, and factors influencing fatigue characteristics of concrete pavement are explored. Based on this, the method of concrete pavement is designed, and the remaining life of the old cement concrete pavement is calculated by formula. Cement concrete pavement is also called rigid pavement, and it consists of cement concrete panels and other bases. According to the different components, it is divided into reinforced concrete pavement, ordinary concrete pavement and steel fiber concrete pavement. At present, ordinary concrete pavement is widely used in China, which is characterized by no reinforcement at joints. The fatigue failure mechanism analysis of ordinary concrete pavement is helpful to grasp its application and ensure the safety of road use.


Keywords: Cement Concrete Pavement; Fractal Theory; Fatigue Failure; Application