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Analysis of Thermodynamic Performance of Jet Subcooling Refrigeration System

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001793


Yan Du

Corresponding Author

Yan Du


Abstract: An injection subcooling refrigeration system is proposed. By introducing an ejector and a subcooler, the ejector is driven by the high pressure working fluid at the compressor outlet to achieve the purpose of subcooling the remaining refrigerant after condensation. Using R134a as the refrigerant, a simulation model of the jet subcooling refrigeration system was established, and the thermodynamic performance optimization analysis of the system was carried out. The results showed that the ejector ratio (ER) is an important factor affecting the system performance [1]. The ejector ratio increases, and the system energy efficiency ratio is increasing When the ejector ejection ratio is 0.2, the system COP reaches 4.94, which is an increase of 12.9% compared with the system without subcooling. Adding ejectors to achieve subcooling is an effective way to improve system efficiency.


Keywords: Subcooling; Ejector; Thermodynamic Performance; Energy Efficiency Ratio