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Preliminary Study on the Application of BIM Technology in Computer-Aided Architectural Design

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001794


Kai Jia

Corresponding Author

Kai Jia


Abstract: Building information model technology (BIM technology) is commonly used in computer technology in the construction industry. In architecture, BIM technology can be used to build 3D three-dimensional models in computer-aided architectural design, which can run through the early, middle, and later stages of construction. It is beneficial to improving building effects and improving work efficiency. BIM technology is an important link connecting computer functions and architectural design functions. How to apply BIM technology in computer-aided architectural design is a question worthy of discussion. This paper explores the current state of BIM technology and its application in computational architectural design to provide reference for further application of BIM technology in computer-aided architectural design. With the improvement of Internet information technology and the universal application of computers, various industries have designed and introduced targeted computer technologies according to industry needs to give full play to the functions of computer. BIM technology is an emerging technology created by the combination of computer and construction industries. With the continuous improvement of BIM technology and its application in the construction industry, BIM technology has received widespread attention, which has further promoted the research and development of BIM technology, and further improved the application effect of computer-aided building design.


Keywords: BIM Technology; Computer-Aided; Architectural Design