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Applicability Analysis of the Self-pierce Riveting Connection of Assembled Light Steel Structure

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001795


Houxuan Li

Corresponding Author

Houxuan Li


Abstract: The connection process of traditional assembled light steel structure is complicated and the efficiency is low. The introduction of self-pierce riveting connection technology for component assembly can effectively improve the work efficiency. When studying the applicability of self-pierce riveting connection, the mechanical properties of the self-tapping screw and self-pierce riveting are compared. This paper takes the truss beam performance of traditional self-tapping screw as the standard, and analyzes the feasibility of the self-pierce riveting connection of assembled light steel structure. The results show that the mechanical properties such as the bending resistance and rigidity of the self-pierce riveting connection are better than those of self-tapping screws, so it is more suitable for fabricated cold-formed thin-walled steel modules with higher rigidity requirements. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, our country has vigorously promoted the development of prefabricated buildings and proposed the industrialization of buildings. The cold-formed thin-walled steel module structure can not only make the building return to industrialization, but also has the advantages of light weight, high strength, high degree of industrialization, fast and convenient assembly, and convenience for rapid reconstruction after disaster. It has been widely used and developed in low-rise buildings in recent years. In the fabricated light steel floor system, the truss beam structure is widely used because of its small span limitation and effective increasing of the height of the room. Self-tapping screws are the commonly used connection method between the components. But in actual use, its operation process is complicated, positioning, drilling and screw thread are required, and the working hours are long, so it is difficult to give full play to the advantages of rapid assembly of prefabricated structure. In addition, it is also discovered that there are risks of screw tilt, pull-out and shear in the cold-formed thin-walled steel module structure, and its performance has a great impact on the traditional connection mode.


Keywords: Self-Pierce Riveting Connection; Assembled; Light Steel Structure; Applicability Analysis; Self-Tapping Screw Connection