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Analysis of Permanent and Intensive Design of Supporting Structure of Composite Foundation

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001796


Lanlan Liu and Yingchang Qiu

Corresponding Author

Lanlan Liu


Abstract: All kinds of underground projects and their structures usually exist permanently. At present, the foundation pit engineering is usually supported by temporary support measures. After the construction of the main structure is completed, the foundation pit project will be demolished and left in place, causing a great waste of materials. Transforming the supporting structure into the main structure is helpful for realizing the permanence of supporting structure and reducing the waste of materials, which meets the requirements of sustainable development strategies. Building foundations often coexist with the supporting structures and basic structures of the surrounding proposed projects. Designers should face up to and pay attention to the situation of underground engineering or to the coexistence of structures. They need to consider the respective functions of geotechnical and structural engineering and design a suitable construction method. This paper mainly analyzes the concept of permanent of the supporting structure and its main measures. With the development strategy of our country, the process of urbanization is getting faster and faster, and the buildings in the downtown area of the city has developed. All underground projects and their structures co-exist permanently, resulting in the interaction and mutual influence of adjacent underground structures. At present, design standard system in our country has only a single structure analysis and guidance, and lacks research on the coexistence and interaction of underground structures. Considering the coexistence and interaction of underground structures, we should pay attention to the development of intensive design theory and technology, and transform support structure into the main structure to realize the permanent support structure, which can reduce investment and the waste of materials. It is a link to protect the geological and social environment and is an important direction for the construction of economic and social ecological civilization and sustainable development. Studies have shown that in non-soft soil areas, pile-anchor support structures are widely used in foundation pit support projects. Permanent support structures based on pile-anchor support structures rely on the infinite and horizontal rigidity of underground beam-slab components. The horizontal extension of beam-slab realizes the connection between the supporting pile and the main underground structure, forming a combination of supporting pile, support, and underground structure, providing a simple and feasible method for the permanence of the supporting structure.


Keywords: Composite Foundation; Intensive Design; Supporting Structure