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Research into Aerobics Teaching Based on Blended Learning in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001798


Xin Jiang

Corresponding Author

Xin Jiang


Abstract: With the development of social economy, followed by the upgrading of information technology, education industry depending on network information technologies is influenced. With the updating of people’s learning methods, blended learning has gradually gained people’s favor due to its characteristics of adapting to the era. By closely linking the traditional offline teaching and online human-machine learning, blended learning frees learning from the limitation of specific time and space, so that learners can choose their own learning time and location randomly, thereby meeting the learning needs of different groups of people and according with the development trend of the new education view. Organically integrating the advantages of offline teaching and online learning, blended learning brings benefits to the development of classroom teaching concepts, aims at realizing "classroom back to students and classroom back to life". At the same time, carrying out blended study on learning based on information technology is an effective way to promote teachers' professional growth. This paper, focused on the concept of blended learning, conducts shallow research on aerobics teaching inn colleges and universities, in the hope of providing some enlightenment to the teaching in this field.


Keywords: Blended Learning; Colleges and Universities; Aerobics; Teaching Research