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Cultural Educational Function of Higher Vocational English Teaching

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001803


Shisheng Luo

Corresponding Author

Shisheng Luo


Abstract: Higher vocational English teaching shoulders the dual responsibility of teaching students' English knowledge and skills, inheriting culture, teaching and educating people. Higher vocational English education and teaching reform should adhere to the people-oriented concept of educating people, and pay attention to the cultivation of students' comprehensive ability to use English and the improvement of comprehensive quality. This article aims to study the cultural education function of English teaching in higher vocational schools. The survey in this paper adopts random sampling method and fills out the questionnaire in anonymous form. The survey object comes from a local higher vocational college. The results of the experiment show that only on the basis of having a good comprehensive quality, students will have confidence and interest in focusing on more realistic professional abilities or other aspects. When students were asked to evaluate their own humanistic literacy, the satisfaction rate of students with their own humanistic literacy reached 68.6%. How to improve their humanistic literacy at the higher vocational level? 23.7% of the students chose to "read more literary classics", 22.3% of the students chose to "learn more from others", and 49.8% of the students chose to "pay more attention to their own words and deeds" ". Therefore, higher vocational schools should strive to explore and innovate higher vocational English teaching methods, tap the potential of the cultural education function of English teaching, and enhance students' comprehensive humanistic quality and professional competitiveness.


Keywords: Higher Vocational English Teaching; Cultural Educational Function; Comprehensive Humanistic Quality; Teaching Research