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Image Processing Based on Histogram Equalization Optimization

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001814


Guie Jiao and Dongdong Lv

Corresponding Author

Guie Jiao


Abstract: Histogram equalization is a method to enhance image contrast by stretching the range of pixel intensity distribution. Using the traditional histogram equalization method, the image texture will appear fuzzy or even unclear, especially for the image with strong light or dark light, the effect is not ideal. This paper introduces a method to optimize the traditional histogram equalization, and compares the optimization effect through experiments. Then, the image under special environment is collected, and the optimization method is verified by experiments. From the analysis of experimental results, the optimization method in this paper is more suitable for stereo matching of images, and it is also beneficial to the later research.


Keywords: Error Percentage, Histogram Equalization, Image Optimization