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Research on the Strategies of University Innovative Cultural Construction in China

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001816


Hong Tian and Yanying Fei

Corresponding Author

Hong Tian


Abstract: In the context of constructing an innovative country, university innovative culture is particularly important in cultivating innovative talents, promoting the construction of the national innovative system, and enhancing the national independent innovative ability. University innovative culture is a kind of thinking mode with innovation as its value orientation. It helps to promote the germination of university innovative awareness, eliminate the obstacles in its innovative activities and protect its continuous development. Starting from mentality, system and physical aspects, this paper designs the strategies of university innovative cultural construction, and makes practical exploration for realizing the goal of cultivating university innovative talents. Innovative culture is not only a necessary key resource in national innovative system, but also an important part of national competitiveness. In the era when the primitive innovation has become the core of the sustainable innovative ability of science and technology, and talents have become the important strategic resources for economic and social development, constructing a good cultural environment conducive to innovation has become the only way for a nation to win the era of innovation. The scientific and technological circles and even the whole society should fully realize the urgency and importance of university innovative cultural construction and actively participate in it.


Keywords: University Innovative Culture; Mentality Culture; System Culture; Physical Culture