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Financial Disclosure of Non-Profit Organizations

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001817


Xindan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xindan Zhang


Abstract: As is known to all, the public company is must in accordance with national requirements to disclosure the company's financial statements and financial reports of companies to disclose must go through strict audit to, for the public company financial report disclosure requirements is relatively perfect, and for domestic nonprofit financial information disclosure is not perfect, but in recent years, increasing the number of nonprofit organizations in China, combined with the development of network media, scandals about non-profit organization constantly exposed in the public eye, causing the public non-profit organization operation, This also makes China's financial information disclosure of non-profit organizations more and more obvious defects. Through the analysis of the current situation of non-profit organizations, combined with the relevant systems proposed by the state, to give constructive Suggestions.


Keywords: Non-Profit Organizations; Financial Information; Information Disclosure