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DADDYLAB: Application of Carl Hovland's Persuasion Model in Popular Science Short Video

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001827


Bo Feng

Corresponding Author

Bo Feng


Abstract: In the new media era, popular science short video has become a new way to spread scientific knowledge, and its key and difficult point is to make people accept correct scientific information and make their attitude and behavior change in a specific direction. At present, the development of popular science short video faces many problems, such as the large number of accounts but the low quality; The content lacks scientific basis; Low update frequency, fan loss and other issues. Based on Hovland's persuasion model, this paper uses content analysis method and case study method to analyze the operation strategy of "DADDYLAB" TikTok, and puts forward the development strategy of popular science short video: increase update frequency; improve the quality of content; accurately locate the account characteristics and find the suitable development path.


Keywords: Popular Science Short Video; DADDYLAB; Persuasion Model