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Research on the Necessity of Introducing Rugby into College Physical Education and Corresponding Measures

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001830


Hui Yu, Yanjuan Dun, Rui Kong, Haoyuan Xu and Xiao Gong

Corresponding Author

Xiao Gong


Abstract: In the college physical education reform process, many teachers have begun to readjust their teaching directions and ideas, enrich teaching contents and forms while guiding and encouraging students, in order to ensure students to learn more in a free and relaxed learning atmosphere and further improve their overall quality. Currently, some colleges and universities take rugby as the basis for their physical education teaching practices, and also integrate it into my country's physical education. In the process of guiding and encouraging students, it is essential to cultivate and improve students’ physical qualities, and ensure that they can master the skills and core of rugby. Thus, they can better achieve the individual growth and development. Compared with other sports games, however, Rugby developed late in our country, making many teachers and students have a relatively simple understanding of it. Therefore, in the process of introducing this sport, we teachers should make full preparations to pay attention to different details and influencing factors, as well as actively cultivate students' awareness of active participation. Gradually, students can master the sports skills and styles suitable for themselves, and form a new understanding of rugby. From a macro perspective, this paper aims to understand the necessity of introducing rugby into college physical education and related measures through combining theoretical analysis and time research. It is expected to provide a certain reference for promoting the reform of college physical education and also improving the teaching quality.


Keywords: Sports, Physical Education, Football, College Physical Education, College