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Research on the Application of Ultimate Frisbee in College Teaching

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001831


Haoyuan Xu, Yanjuan Dun, Rui Kong, Hui Yu and Xiao Gong

Corresponding Author

Xiao Gong


Abstrac: In recent years, college students generally have a low level of physical health, which is affected by online games, mobile game and so on to a certain extent, resulting in the gradual decrease of the time students spend in sports. Therefore, in the important period for college students to develop physical exercise habits, more fresh, interesting, and diverse sports are needed to stimulate them to participate. Ultimate Frisbee is a relatively new sports event, with the characteristics of simple skills, high spectator, high safety, co-participation of men and women, and so on. As an important supplement to the college PE curriculum, it meets the needs of college students and college PE, very suitable for application in college teaching.


Keywords: Ultimate Frisbee, College Students, Teaching, Physical Health