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How Positive Emotions Influence Forgiveness of College Students: The Mediation Effect of Self-control

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001833


Jiaxin Huang Tian Jiang and Lingxiao Zhang

Corresponding Author

Tian Jiang


Abstract: Objective- The purpose of this research is to investigate the relationship between positive emotions and forgiveness of college students, and to examine the mediation effect of self-control. Methods- This study built a theoretical framework and tested it by empirical analysis. A total of 425 questionnaires were distributed to students from a university in Guangzhou. Results- (1) Positive emotions, self-control and forgiveness of college students are positively correlated; (2) Positive emotions have a direct positive predictive effect on forgiveness of college students; (3) Self-control of college students mediate the positive effect of positive emotions on forgiveness. Conclusion- College students' positive emotions are one of the important predictors of their forgiveness, and their self-control mediate the positive relationship between positive emotions and forgiveness.


Keywords: Positive Emotions, Self-control, Forgiveness, The Broaden-and-build Theory of Positive Emotions