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A Brief Analysis of the Key Points in Teaching Piano and Nursery Rhymes in Preschool Education

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DOI: DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001837


Li Wang

Corresponding Author

Li Wang


Abstract: Under the premise that people's concept on education is more and more open-minded, more and more attention will be give to the comprehensive inspiration of children in preschool education. This puts forward more requirements for the students who are committed to engaging in preschool education with majors on preschool education in higher vocational colleges. For this reason, a more profound research on teaching of piano and singing of nursery rhythm was conducted in preschool major hoping to find more effective measures to improve the teaching effect by deepening the understanding of the teaching points of piano and singing of nursery rhythm. In fact, the teaching of piano and nursery rhymes includes two aspects: the teaching of piano playing and the teaching of nursery rhymes. The teaching in these two aspects in higher vocational colleges aims to provide qualified and excellent preschool teachers for preschool education. The goal of training students lies not in how high their piano level and singing level can reach, but in making them to meet the teaching needs of modern kindergartens and the development needs of children. Moreover, the preschool education for children is getting more and more attention from people [1].It is very beneficial for the sustainable cultivation of pre-school talents in higher vocational education to have a good understanding of the teaching objectives of piano and nursery rhymes and grasp the key points of the teaching.


Keyword: Preschool Education; the Piano; To Play and Sing Nursery Rhymes; Key Points in Teaching