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The Strategies of Applying for an Online Teaching Methods based on the Course of "A Survey of Japan" under the Background of Teaching Information 2.0

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DOI: DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001843


Junfeng Liu

Corresponding Author

Junfeng Liu


Abstract: The development of Internet information technology has made teaching informatization a new direction of teaching method innovation. In the early 21st century, domestic scholars introduced a mixed teaching model in teaching, while the integration of online teaching methods and traditional offline teaching method has become the focus of education circle, but many colleges and universities have introduced more information-based teaching methods in professional courses in other to create a smart teaching systems such as "online virtual teaching and research + offline heterogeneous courses". In the context of teaching informatization 2.0, online teaching methods are used in the "Overview of Japan" course, which proposes to use the MOOCs according to students' academic conditions, using the Internet education platform to provide students with rich curriculum resources, and use online resources to arrange more teaching tasks. To realize the interactive characteristics of online and offline teaching guidance, magical online teaching, and improve students' ability to reflect on the curriculum and put forward specific innovative strategies, which will help realize the bilingual teaching and explain Japanese culture more vividly and Knowledge systematically, to improve the teaching quality of the course so "A Survey of Japan" is of positive significance. Online teaching has gradually become an important form of teaching reform in higher education, and currently, more than 400 universities have opened an "Overview of Japan" or related courses, of which 27 Japanese or Japanese culture-related courses have been introduced online, and more than 10 million college students are learning online and to obtain an electronic certificate. It can be seen that the number of Japanese-related courses on the MOOC platform is gradually increasing, but most of them are based on language skills courses, and there is still a great deal of "golden courses" with "high-level, innovative and also challenging". In the current use of an online teaching methods, most colleges’ during the online courses uses video recording to sort out and explain the general situation of Japan, but the content lacks diversity, and there is less horizontal comparison of Chinese and Japanese cultures. There are deficiencies in interaction and innovation in teaching methods, while the method of the online teaching caters to young students' love of the Internet and the growth laws and characteristics of social networks, but the use of online teaching can arouse the enthusiasm of students as well achieving the course teaching purpose [1].


Keyword: Teaching Information 2.0; Online Teaching; "Overview of Japan"