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Discipline without Boundary, Thinking without Boundary: Music Teaching Practice Based on Interdisciplinary Curriculum in Middle School

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DOI: DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001849


Hairong Yang

Corresponding Author

Hairong Yang


Abstract: This paper initially put forward the importance of interdisciplinary thinking to students, elaborated that middle school students are endowed with the intellectual basis of interdisciplinary thinking and that the conditions to develop interdisciplinary curriculum by the author in the school. Through literature review, the current status of interdisciplinary research in middle schools was generalized as music discipline often plays as a supplementary role in interdisciplinary curriculum and lack of interdisciplinary teaching practice between music and multi-subject. With this as a starting point, two interdisciplinary courses (without boundaries) have been developed as firstly music (main) and mathematics (auxiliary), and secondly music and Chinese, fine arts and dance. Finally, a reflection on these two classes and the prospect for further research were proposed as students will develop their thinking ability with in-depth and breadth, and the class will unfold the boundless learning realm of discipline and thinking.


Keyword: Music; Interdisciplinary; Middle School