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Precision Marketing Strategy Based on the "User Portrait" Model

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DOI: DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001854


Yanjiang Wang

Corresponding Author

Yanjiang Wang


Abstract: With the continuous advancement of information technology, marketers can capture the online behavior of consumers, and accordingly obtain a full sample of consumers, real-time updated behavioral big data. Through the calculation of big data, marketers have the ability to build a "user portrait" database. This paper uses data mining technology to generate consumer attribute tags; through the extraction of 2D static tags and 3D dynamic tags, combined with the self-tags generated by consumers on the network platform, a dynamic model of "user portrait" is constructed, and the establishment of low the idea of a condensed model of the "user portrait" of noise [1]. On this basis, it puts forward the marketing strategies of grasping user psychology, accurately pushing marketing information; matching user needs, accurately shaping brand positioning; focusing on user interests and accurately adjusting price strategies.


Keyword: Big Data; User Portrait; Precision Marketing