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Aligning Teaching, Learning and Assessment in College English Context: Classroom Formative Assessment Strategy and Its Validation

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DOI: DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001863


Mojun Du

Corresponding Author

Mojun Du


Abstract: Teaching-learning-assessment Alignment is a new perspective for advancing formative classroom assessment research and improving teaching practice. This study makes a paradigm shift and methodological attempt in classroom research by constructing a theoretical model of teaching-learning-assessment integration. The results show that this flexible and convenient formative assessment classroom technique can identify learning problems in a timely manner, make rapid instructional adjustments and feedback, and naturally link teaching, learning, and assessment together with quick feedback in real time. When applying it, attention should be paid to the selection of appropriate formative assessment classroom techniques. The conditions for applying formative assessment classroom techniques should be thoroughly considered. At the same time, the information should be used appropriately to improve the learner-centered classroom through formative assessment classroom techniques.


Keyword: Alignment; Formative Assessment; Validation; Dynamic Assessment