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How does Tesla Stand Out?

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DOI: DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001865


Lujue Yan

Corresponding Author

Lujue Yan


Abstract: Tesla, a pure electric vehicle and energy company, has only been established for 17 years. Today, Tesla has a market value of US$3,796. As an international company, Tesla has achieved great success with its unique management strategy called disruptive innovation strategy. Disruptive innovation strategy means prying up the market with fewer resources, which brings significant benefits and make it possible to put the company in a leading position. In this article, I analyze Tesla's value creation mode and disruptive innovation strategy and use VRIO model to explore the advantages and disadvantages of Tesla's strategy, which has an educational guidance to other international companies.


Keyword: Electric Vehicles; Disruptive Innovation Strategy; Competitive Advantage