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Exploring the Optimization of Personalized Service and Flight Attendant Etiquette

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DOI: DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001870


Jing Zhou

Corresponding Author

Jing Zhou


Abstract: Flight attendants represent more than the image of the airline. They are also responsible for passenger safety and comfort. For the most basic ground, a flight attendant must maintain the validity of professional manner, including the proper position of sitting, standing, walking, and squatting that should meet the requirement of the etiquette. A good flight attendant should be familiar with social skills, apply the dress code, and perform friendly words and deeds to provide passengers with superior service, increase passengers' goodwill to airlines and establish a good public image for the enterprise. This paper introduces the basic requirements of service etiquette for cabin crews and personalized service.


Keyword: Airline Business; Service Etiquette; Personalized Service; Strategy